Hand Written Revisited

Last year my art goal was simple: Use an ink pen every day.

It was an easy goal to reach.  Often my fountain pen use amounted to not much more than the daily list, but I enjoyed every line of it in a slowed down way. The daily use caused my sketchbooking efforts in ink to multiply, which led to my first exhibit.

This year my love affair with ink has only deepened and expanded to consistent practice in lettering.

Take a pause from the pulse of your day and, accompanied by Mozart's Piano Sonato No. 10 in C Major, enjoy this beautiful reflection on the pace of the pen.

Having trouble viewing the video? You can also see it here.

From the filmaker: Not long ago, handwriting was taken for granted as something anyone could generally do well. Today, children are taught how to type on tablets - putting pen to paper is an afterthought. INK follows Tanja Tiziana - a freelance photographer in Toronto, Canada - and her journey to rediscover the written word.