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I am a writer who sketches with 


ink pen.



My goal: to inspire you to leave a paper trail of pictures and words.

I am also a busy mom of six, homeschooling for the past 19 years, about to graduate my fourth-born, still teaching my two youngest.

FAll 2017

Focused on returning to health after a decade of severe energy loss, I am keeping the minimum going with the home and of course the needs of my children.

In our twentieth year of homeschooling, it is a privilege to still be educating my two youngest, teaching an Art History Survey class to a group of enthusiastic high schoolers, and Teaching from Rest.

Planning in six-week intervals followed by a week's break, concentrating on a few projects at a time, and extensively enjoying tracking it all in a bullet journaling are my mode of recovery and propulsion.

Faithfully Follow the Rabbit Trail

I used to think rabbit trails equalled distraction and were Bad.

But I'm trying an experiment: to explore to the end a trail of thought. My new goal: to write faithfully, to let ideas know that this is a safe place to find a home, and to see where they lead.

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