In a world of busyness, is it possible to slow down

and learn to see?

Photo by aleepiskin/iStock / Getty Images

Paper blogging is about finding the time and courage to capture your everyday scraps of seeing and put them on paper.

Whether you draw or write, it is taking a second look and finding happy even in the mess.


Paper Blogging is your Invitation

to slow down and see, to relish simple moments, and learn to capture them in a sketchbook;

to knock perfectionism a blow and have a go.


I attempt to

  • post here every Thursday

  • to encourage you

  • to sketchbook in the midst of my own busy

  • embrace imperfection & celebrate the wobbly line

  • and to use an ink pen everyday


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I love having the license to be sporadic without feeling guilty.

Just reading your blog makes me want to take a deep breath and
do something about it.
— Shauna, Paper Blogging subscriber