Fall 2019

In my 22nd year of teaching, this is the seventh helping with a large homeschool co-op of nearly 300 kids, as well as teaching my own.

Nature Journaling

I teach a year-long Nature Journaling class for highschoolers. Interested in following along? An upcoming paperblogging series will summarize each class: A Seat at the Back of My Class.


I also teach a nonfiction writing workshop for high schoolers based on John Warner’s brilliant, The Writer’s Practice: Building Confidence in Your Nonfiction Writing.

An early project in the book, “My Ideal Writing Life”—a statement written to fit a 4x6 index card—was a revelation. My statement stated that this blog, written for you, is my ideal use of time and energy.

So that was good.


Typewriter collecting continues apace. In fact four new machines found their way into my home just to visit the writing class.

Our new rescue cat—who happens to adore sleeping on and around typewriter boxes—will make an appearance in these pages also. All good until he tries to catch moving typeslugs and figures out that ribbons unravel.

Slight problems and quiet joys.


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