Working on Right Now ...

I am a busy mom of six who homeschools three and teaches blogging and photography history to highschoolers. I am also a writer who sketches with an ink pen. My goal: to inspire you to leave a paper trail of pictures and words.

In this season, planning in six-week intervals followed by a week's break, and concentrating on a few projects at a time, is turning out to be surprisingly restful and fruitful. 

Overall, this year I commit to sleep, read, write, kondo, budget, and teach.

Which looks like:



  • Look after myself physically by getting enough sleep
  • Enjoy candles daily and in winter practice Hygge
  • Stay hydrated especially with lemon water
  • Sketchbook, photograph, and nature journal
  • Learn and enjoy modern lettering

Read Daily

Recent reads:


  • Write a weekly post at
  • Use an ink pen every day; refill my pens with great pleasure
  • Find time for art by taking Michael Nobbs' 20-minutes a day challenge to do something creative


  • Complete a Mari Kondo-inspired tidying festival: remove every item in my home that does not spark joy 


  • Live on less; align spending with goals; make six week interval budget


  • Faithfully homeschool my children not yet graduated
  • Finish touring colleges applied to by my senior student
  • Teach a high school class on blogging
  • Teach photography history to high schoolers