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I am a writer who sketches with


ink pen.

My goal: to inspire you to leave a paper trail of pictures and words.

I am also a busy mom of six, in my 21st year of homeschooling, still teaching my two youngest.


For the past six months I have been focused on returning to health after a decade of increasingly severe energy loss. The treatment is working and I'm beginning to see the fruit of new hope for the season to come.

In our twentieth year of homeschooling, I enjoy the privilege of still educating my two youngest, as well as teach a weekly Art History survey class to homeschooled high school students, and help with a local Boy Scout troop as a merit badge counselor.

Next year I hope to teach a Nature Journaling class for 7th-10th graders at a local venue, inspired and aided by a recent three-day visit with wildlife artist John Muir Laws.

A year of typewriter collecting also went a long way to adding joy to life!

If you haven't watched the feature-length documentary, California Typewriter, I highly recommend it. Are you interested in buying a typewriter but don't know where to start? I'm working on a brief guide to help you ask yourself good questions and choose with confidence. Including how you can benefit from such an outdated mode of communication.

The first draft of a longer book project fills reams of pages and hours of research and writing. Art theft is the theme. See what happens when you combine your passions? A year immersed in art history, typing on a newly beloved vintage typewriter, and visiting more museums than ever before? I asked some questions, and now look daily for the answers.

May the energy continue to roll in.

Big things happen one day at a time


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