A work in progress, inviting you to sit and ponder.

Stories about sea glass, rocks and the moon ... seeing nature.

How someone is influenced to learn to see.

Thoughts on blindness.

Of place and cities; vividness and color.

Of exhibitions and wonder.

Collecting and collectors.

The history of sketchbooking and its wonderful resurgence. 

Interviews with sketchbookers.

Why art is not a luxury; and how it fits into a time of grief.

Stories of sketchbookers, by sketchbookers, for sketchbookers.

Getting Started

Practical help so you can sketchbook too.

Having a limited goalsimple supplies and a premade layout.

Creating your first content.

A technique for being brave and starting a complicated sketch.

And finishing a drooping one.

Little notebooks you'll love.

Seeing one thing well.

How to tell your story.

Why you don't need an art degree to enjoy sketchbooking. 

Five steps to accomplishing the 'impossible' project of sketchbooking.

Why many sketchbook resources don't work and what does.


Coming soon ... A gallery of sketchbook pages.

Many of my sketchbooks.

The opportunity to show me your own work and for me to pass it along.

A look into the work of others who are reviving the old habit of sketchbooking.

What a sketchbook looks like.

Ideas for page layouts.

Seeing work accumulate over time.

Real efforts by real people.

The flaws, typos and imperfections included.

Seeing others at work and the knowledge that you can do it.

A judgement-free zone for the beginner and experienced sketchbooker.